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  • Lea Jakobiak

8 Ways To Be A Better Leader For Your Business

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

We were invited to a breakfast talk held by Professor Stefan Stern on "How To Be A Better Leader".

Microsoft's Nadella famously said: We used to be a know it all organisation, now we're a learn it all organisation"

Prof Stern has just published a book, called just that. He writes a Management column in the Financial Times and is Visiting Professor at the Cass Business School.

Here are eight key points that we took away from the talk:

Prof Stern on eight ways to be a better leader

1. Does you team know what’s expected of them? It's leadership failure when people don’t understand the actual point of their job.

2. Set a good example. Leaders are watched, in some businesses they are even "monarchical". We don’t want mood swings from our leaders. Always project a sense of security. 

3. Who wants to go and work for a pessimist? Give off reality based hope, or tough minded optimism. Leadership isn’t about you, it’s about them. What are you making possible for the team?

4. Leadership is distributed - but accountability must be held. One person alone without anybody helping can’t turn a business around.

5. Leaders who neglect results fail. "Strategy is overrated, doing stuff is underrated". Leaders who stop learning are shutting organisations down. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, famously said: "We used to be a know it all organisation, now we’re a learn it all organisation".

6. When you get the top job you must find your natural successor. Who are the future leaders of the business when you’re gone or not there? Ask yourself: "Why should anyone be led by you"? What would the workers say about you? 

7. Follow C.A.S.E as a rule. Community, Authenticity or Adaptive (when do you need to get close into the team and when do you need to step back?), Skills and Excitement. 

8. People worry too much about charisma. They should be showing who they are. Fear and intimidation is only short-term. Act like a long-term leader.

How To Be A Better Leader Is Available On Amazon

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