• Edena Klimenti

Brands Take A Stand! Why Silence Is Not The Answer #BlackLivesMatter

Brands, businesses, and organizations all over the world showed their solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement on social media this month.

It's always amazing to see when something actually goes viral. This was the case with #BlackOutTuesday; people and brands shared a black square image on social media and within minutes this was all you could see on your Instagram feed!

The aim of #BlackOutTuesday was to tune out all content unrelated to the Black Lives Matter movement, in order to shine a light on the relevant, important, and life saving information being shared in order to support the black community.

Protesters took to the streets all over the world, starting in America, followed by London, Australia, France and New Zealand. The movement sparked after George Floyd, was murdered by a police officer in the United States.

Photo: The Guardian

And it was also a key turning point for many brands who don't usually choose to "get political".

No longer an option to stay silent, brands and businesses took to their social media to show support for inclusion, equality and justice, by sharing statements, poems, lists of black authors, educational resources, donations links, and artwork.

These posts were all aiming to stand by the movement and showcase to the world what their brand stands for: #EnoughIsEnough #BlackLivesMatter #AntiRacist #SayNoToRacism!

Here are a few examples of brands that took a stand:

Peloton "Speak Up Ride"

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup


Space NK

Marc Jacobs


At Zena Media, we believe that one of the most essential steps in developing your brand is knowing what you stand for, and making your audience aware of this. Remaining silent during such a huge crisis is simply not an option.

We all share an ethical responsibility to take a stand against crimes against humanity. Consumers now want to be associated with brands that stand for social justice, sustainability and equality.

Beyond posting on social media, if you'd like to show your support by donating to a great cause, here are three donation sites that have caught our attention:

Black Lives Matter - Here you can donate, and keep up to date with campaigns.

Support The Block - Donations for the Minneapolis community in the US.

Stand Up To Racism UK - Sign up and find out how you can keep in touch with the movement in the UK.

This really is a time when brands are joining the conversation, and are expected to do so.

You're encouraged to tell a story, and expected to be at the forefront of the global fight towards equality and social justice.