• Lea Jakobiak

Celebrating 100 Years of Zonta International in London!

Zonta International, a fantastic organisation that works with UNICEF to improve the lives of girls around the world, approached Zena Media to organise its 100-year anniversary gala in London.

Members of Zonta's City of London Club

It goes without saying that we were thrilled to do so. 100 years of women's empowerment deserves to be celebrated indeed!

The gala took place at the stunning Andaz hotel in London

The gala featured a fantastic guest list: Broadcaster Anthea Turner, Women's Rights Campaigner Lesley Abdela MBE, as well as Author Steve Chalk MBE, former UN Advisor on Human Trafficking.

Guests also got treated to stunning performances by Soprano singer Alexandra Lidgerwood, and acclaimed Cellist Anne-Isabel Meyer.

Our Head of Content, Lea Jakobiak, was the MC for the event, and our company produced a video about the great work that Zonta carries out locally.

Zena Media's Alexandra Pontikis and Lea Jakobiak

Zonta International envisions a world in which women’s rights are recognized as human rights. The organisation has gone from strength to strength since it was founded exactly 100 years ago.

It now has 29,000 members in 63 countries, over 2,100 clubs, and 3 here in the UK alone.

The organisations' volunteers, called "Zontians" work tirelessly to stop child marriage, domestic violence and FGM across the globe.

They also provide scholarships, apprenticehips and work experience so that women can kick-start their careers.

More locally, one of the organisations Zonta supports is Number 3, a Woman's Shelter here in London.

Steve Chalk MBE founded this charity in order to help vulnerable women who have been victims of emotional, physical pr sexual abuse get back on their feet.

We had the immense opportunity to film inside the shelter, and also interview some of the girls who moved into Number 3, built back their strength and courage, and now live and work independently.

You can watch the full video and hear their stories here:

At the gala, one woman, in particular, stood out. It was Lesley Julia Abdela MBE. She is a British expert on women's rights and representation.

Lesyley has worked as an adviser in 40 different countries to governments and IGOs, NGOs and the European Commission. She is also a broadcaster and women's rights campaigner.

And her great work saw her being the recepient of the Zonta UK Centennial Award.

Well deserved Lesley!

Woman's rights campaigner Lesley Abdela (centre) received the Zonta UK Centennial Award

Whilst 100 years seems like a lot already, it is only the beginning.

Zena Media is happy to be part of this dialogue that works towards equality and justice for all women and girls around the world.

Thank you Zonta for partnering with us for this big celebration!

And a special congratulations to Kathleen Versland, President of Zonta City of London, for putting together such a spectacular event!

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