Filming At Kard HQ In Paris; The New Online Bank For Gen Z!

Zena Media was the first crew to get invited to film at Kard's very snazzy, new office in Paris! A location that felt suitable for Kard's brand given it's a "social bank for Generation Z".

Kard has launched a social bank for "Gen Z' - people born between 1995-2010

When it comes to financial services, Kard CEO Scott Gordon saw a big gap in the market when it came to generation Z, aka people who were born in the early 2000s (so the demographic cohort after the Millennials).

He told Zena Media's Lea Jakobiak: "Gen Z has always lived with crazy business models. For them, watching a movie means watching Netflix, taking a taxi means taking an uber. We were disappointed that they didn't have a method of payment adapted to their specific needs. They are also banking virgins, meaning they have never used a banking product before. So it was up to us to re-invent banking from scratch."

Kard CEO Scott Gordon with Zena Media's Head of Content Lea Jakobiak

Kard was launched in December 2018 and in under a year the team of developers have managed to build an online bank that is "cool, social and free". The Kard team also claims that it offers the "fastest onboarding in the world"; it takes you just under 1 minutes to open an account. A Kard bankcard is then sent out to you within 10 days.

And because Gen Z are all about sharing and being social online, Kard has ensured that all social media accounts are connected to the banking app. This means that it's easy for friends to split the bill for the cinema or see who owes what for the latest summer festival tickets. And it's of course a great place to share your latest purchase at a celebrity-run pop-up store with all your followers.

The Kard HQ is in Paris, France, and the company plans to expand in Europe in 2020

The reason we got the exclusive invite to film in Paris is because one of our clients, Bankable, is who Kard has chosen to partner with to deliver its consumer bank card programme.

Amine Bounjou, COO of Kard, explained: "We chose to partner with Bankable because of its international culture, which fits in very well with our culture at Kard. Bankable has a strong track record of building banking products that have scaled massively around the globe, and that's exactly our ambition with Kard."

Kard COO Amine Bounjou says the plan is to take the company global

Big plans indeed. We have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more about Kard in the near future. Video is out soon!

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