• Lea Jakobiak

Filming Top Influencers for New App “Let’s Day Out”

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

You may have seen our crew filming famous influencers all over London for our client Let’s Day Out - an app that’s about to make it big!

Influencer "Little Miss Notting Hill"

Let’s Day Out is all about matching like-minded people, and then connecting them to premium events and experiences in London.

It was set up two years ago by Entrepreneur Vicky Cheng, who felt the world of online dating needed a boost and a shake up.

She wanted to evolve the concept of modern dating from more than just virtually “swiping right”.

Whilst Vicky acknowledges that social media has enabled to connect millions of people, it also meant that people are missing out on many, unforgettable events in real life.

What’s more, in a city like London, it’s hard to stay on top of the endless events, new eateries, exhibitions & seasonal experiences.

And so, the Let’s Day App was born!

Let’s Day Out keeps the popular feature of connecting online, but adds premium events and experiences into the mix for its users to enjoy.

This means that once you’ve made a connection, you simply select an event that you’d like to book together - a great icebreaker but also a convenient feature for busy, young professionals.

See it as a one-stop-shop for where you’ll meet your next friends, perhaps even find a date, and discover plenty of fun things to do - with or without new connections.

Zena Media is very excited to be overseeing the Let’s Day Out launch in January. Our company is providing a 360 branding package and managing everything from marketing to PR & content.

We are helping grow the Let’s Day Out Communiy, and are working alongside London’s top influencers like Liselle, Little Miss Notting Hill and Yan to make that happen.

They are taking our crew to their favourite places, which of course all feature on the Let’s Day Out app, and we hope this will entice you to try them out too!

The videos with the influencers will be out soon, so watch this space, and keep and eye out for both Let’s Day Out & Vicky Cheng in the press in January.

We are sure you’ll enjoy Let’s Day Out and hope to see you on there!

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