• Lea Jakobiak

Filming with F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo at the McLaren HQ!

Our Head of Content & Production, Lea Jakobiak, got an exclusive opportunity to film with Formula One Driver Daniel Ricciardo for CNBC.

A major perk of my job is that every so often I get to film (and as a result meet in person) big names; sport stars, CEOs, celebrities, politicians.

Sport stars are often the face of big Marketing campaigns. And that's when mortal Producers get to hang out with these legends, who are adored by millions around the world.

My most recent high-profile shoot was with Formula One Driver Daniel Ricciardo at the McLaren HQ in Surrey, England

We are filming the McLaren team for an exclusive, upcoming event for CNBC (I will post more about this later in July).

You never know what the celebrity will be like before the shoot. Some have big personalities, others are more reserved. They are only human, so can simply be going through a bad day.

But luckily for us, Daniel Ricciardo was just as funny, charming and approachable as everyone says he is!

I made a short "behind the scenes" video - which got over 20,000 views on TikTok within two hours due to Daniel Ricciardo's popularity - check it out below:

The show that we are filming is about how digital innovation is transforming Formula One, but also the sports industry in general.

Formula 1 teams are becoming increasingly reliant on technology, with sensors, servers, connectivity, unified communications, and cybersecurity solutions crucial for enabling the analysis of data to improve cars and race day strategies.

Data is gathered from hundreds of sensors spread out over its cars during testing and racing, compiling information on performance and conditions to inform changes that should be made to the cars or driving strategies.

Not to mention how sports personalities are able to connect instantly with their fans, thanks to social media.

It's going to be a great show for sure, and I can't wait to share the highlights with you!

Daniel Ricciardo is currently busy competing in the Grand Prix - and the Zena Media team wishes him the best of luck!