• Lea Jakobiak

Hosting A Dynamic "Tech Talk Lunch" Event

We hosted a "Tech Talk Lunch" at Allbright in partnership with LETSDAYOUT, focusing on the latest tech trends to watch out for in 2020!

Smaller editorial events are a great way for businesses to network and share their thoughts in a more organic way.

This is why at Zena Media we are big fans of themed 'editorial lunches'.

Hosted by an MC - in this case Zena Media's Head of Content Lea Jakobiak - a select number of hand-picked guests are invited to discuss a common topic, whilst enjoying delicious food!

For LETSDAYOUT, we chose to focus on tech trends, as the company has recently developed its own algorithm to help match like-minded people, and subsequently encourage them to attend events and experiences offline that the algorithm believes would be of interest to them both.

We invited a mix of Tech Experts, CEOs & VCs who all have a passion for technology, or are running a successful business online.

The conversation focused on how businesses are embracing things such as ethical technology, A.I & machine learning, blockchain, VR and human experiences platforms.

We also looked at trends on both the UX and UI side of things, and what consumers are expecting these days from a premium technology brand.

LETSDAYOUT CEO Vicky Cheng and Zena Media's Lea Jakobiak

Our two VCs, from Station 12 and Santander Innoventures, who see hundreds of tech start-ups both "make it" and "break it" every year, shared their views on what most of the successful businesses have in common, and also their top reasons on why some fail.

Vicky Cheng felt that Allbright was the right venue for the event, as it's a London-based private members club focused on creating networking opportunities for women in business, and we couldn't agree more!

We have many more of these dynamic editorial events in the pipeline for - so watch this space!

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