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Online Content: Simple Yet Effective Marketing Ideas During Lockdown

Most brands have had to think quick on their feet over the past few weeks, to adapt to the "new normal" imposed to us all by the COVID-19 pandemic. This means doing pretty much all of your marketing, online.

If you're still wondering where to start, here are three concepts that we have produced for our clients.

1. An online networking event - including a fireside chat or a panel discussion.

As a media agency, we are hugely exposed to events and conferences. That's where people meet each other, where B2B partnerships are made, and where the latest products can be demonstrated to large audiences.

But lockdown doesn't mean this has to end. Far from it. People are still yearning to connect, hear about projects and make new connections.

We organised an online event for our client Let's Day Out, and invited about 25 consumer tech experts. Together, we looked at how "networking apps and technology is affecting mental health during lockdown".

We kicked off with a fireside chat with Alex Mayall, Associate within Anthemis’ Investment and Ali Paterson, Founder of Fintech Finance, who looked at the rise and rise of "wellness technology", the latest trends in that field.

This discussion really helped set the tone for the rest of the discussion, where Spokespeople from companies like Tradeshift,, Unicef, The Werknet, Capita, Coniq and Your.MD shared their thoughts on the topic, and also included insights into how their brands are adapting to lockdown.

Overall it was a huge success!

2. Ramp up your blog content

If you don't yet have a blog as part of your website, then this is the time to kick one off. It becomes a great "home" for all your latest campaigns and achievements, a space to share your thoughts and opinions in a way that sets you apart as a thought leader in your industry.

But what it's also great for is SEO (search engine optimisation). The more key words are associated with your brand and directly linked to your website, the higher up you will rank in google when people search for your type of services.

We have been busy writing blog posts for our clients SalaryFits, Ride Carbo and One Loud Voice. Their missions are all different, their tone of voice and insights totally varied, but what they have in common is that their blog content is helping to push their messaging out there, during a time when networking with people at large events is off limits.

There are many ways to produce a blog; it can feature interviews, be light hearted and creative, or be more corporate. It may also be that you already have a blog, but would like to explore the idea of a fresh, new vision. If you'd like to discuss what would work best for your brand then get in touch, and we'll talk you through the options.

3. Launch a charity campaign and connect your brand to a good cause

Using your brand as a "force for good" is what more and more consumers are naturally expecting of you.

This means using the power of your brand and existing community to help raise awareness for non-profits who are working hard to make a difference.

The benefits of partnering with a charity include:

  • Increased visibility and revenue

  • Brand recognition

  • Business image and reputation

  • Networking and marketing opportunities

  • Exposure to different sectors

  • Boost office morale and encourage teambuilding

  • Defines corporate identity

  • Improved public relations

Charities find it hard to fundraise generally, but during this pandemic it is nearly impossible, as all the focus and attention is on erradicating the imminent threat of the Coronavirus.

As a result, we helped our client, e-bike brand CARBO, to partner with the Down's Syndrome Association, a cause close to CARBO's CEO Lyne Berro's heart, as her sister has Down's Syndrome.

The partnership means that for every Carbo bike wold world-wide, the Down's Syndrome Association receives a $50 donation, that goes towards the many projects and initiatives the charity has in place to help the families affected.

In a matter of days, we helped set up this incredible partnership, turn around a press kit, and a press release campaign, which helped shine a light on a great cause during these challenging times.

Lockdown is now starting to ease, but with social distancing measures here to stay, thinking of establishing your brand's online presence really is key right now, and none of these efforts will go to waste even if we "get back to normal".

So get in touch and let's get the ball rolling - online.

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