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EY's Digital World Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards Gets 2M Views!

CNBC Catalyst turned the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards Ceremony into an online event due to lockdown, and did so with a big bang.

This year's winner was Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, CEO of Biocon, from India

Almost every business has had to adapt to the 'new normal'. So it's encouraging and inspirational for us to see when businesses and brands take the leap and decide to try something new - and do so with great results.

CNBC Catalyst has been instrumental when it comes to helping some of the world's biggest brands, such as Ernst & Young, ensure their message still gets out there, despite events, conferences and traditional shoots being off limits.

Our Head of Content, Lea Jakobiak, was one of the main Producers that helped CNBC Catalyst bring the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards to life.

The contestants were Entrepreneurs from 43 countries and are pioneers in sustainability and innovation

And here's what's interesting. Whilst the ceremony is usually held in a glitzy venue un Monaco, for about 600 people, the online version got over 2 million views!

This shows to what extent online events are to be taken seriously, as the reach potential really is huge.

Without dishing out all the secrets, the positive result and outcome is due to a perfect mix of top level event management, content production and marketing (to ensure the show actually gets seen).

The show featured big names that have won the prestigeous award before, including Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandez
Former winner and Spanx CEO Sara Blakely also raised her glass to this years' contestants

As far as shows go, in this case it was a high-end production of course. Not every brand has it within their reach to book an entire professional studio and get a whole crew, complete with several editors & multiple producers, on board.

That said, the concept of producing an online event remains the same no matter the size, and with creativity this sort of event can be done successfully on a smaller scale too.

The six judges being interviews live on air on what qualities they look for on today's Entrepreneur

The EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards is just one of many successful CNBC Catalyst online events.

Lea Jakobiak was also one of the main producers on the Nanjing Tech Week online show, which also went digital for the first time ever!

Nanjing Tech Week panel on the future of entertainment

The CNBC Catalyst team brought together some of the biggest players in the arts & entertainment industries, such as the National Gallery, the National Theatre and Elmstree Studios.

And this is another positive thing about the 'new normal' in terms of content creation.

All the big names and CEOs are just one click away from saying yes to an interview. Previously, you had to book in two to three hours of their time, perhaps more if tghey had to travel to a studio.

Nanjing Tech Week interview on the future of the arts industry with speakers from London and Paris

We are finding that more senior figures are willing to take part in interviews and online panels, because all they have to do is turn on their laptop and have a 15 minute conversation.

Whilst we at Zena Media of course miss the real life events & conferences (there's nothing really like putting together a big show and seeing it all come together in person, and feel the atmosphere in the room of a big audience), we are starting to embrace the potential of what online content really has to offer, and how it can benefit a brand.

And this really is just the beginning for online events.