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  • Julie Tezkratt

Suivre-Le-Fil: Shaking up news & current affairs for Gen Z!

Julie Tezkratt joined forces with a group of journalism students in Paris to shake up the world of news by provoking, informing and entertaining Gen Z.

Author: Julie Tezkratt

Our mission

My generation is growing up with a lot of content, social media channels, blogs, newspapers, tv shows on demand. But whereas a few years ago, people were saying that "everyone can be a journalist" and "everyone can create good content", fast forward to today and we all know this is not true. The world still needs skilled writers, editors, journalists who check the facts. We need reliable news publications and blogs .

For this reason, combined with my love for writing, is why I created Suivre Le Fil in 2019. The blog is a way for young people to get their hands on journalistic writing, but also to make a name for themselves in this world, and to share their views on a public platform. Our writers can express themselves, without fear of being judged.

For me, the most important thing was to create a blog about current affairs that is easy to understand for as many people as possible. Giving a younger view of the news is also part of the blog. It was important and relevant to give a voice to the young, also known as 'Gen Z, and especially to the next generation of journalists. The news should not remain in the hands of those who control it, we want as many people as possible to be interested in what is going on.

We want our articles to be authentic, not copy and paste from other articles. Our editors go to great lengths to verify their information. Suivre Le Fil is also about kindness, advice and mutual support. 

Our team and structure

Suivre Le Fil is composed of about seven writers. Each week, we have an online editorial meeting, to discuss what subjects we want to approach that day. The work is pro-bono, so I ensure the work does not interfere with the Writer's studies. They submit articles depending on the time they have.

As the Editor, for me it's more a case of working on it 24/7. I remain available to the writers at all times, even on weekends. It's important that they feel surrounded and supported, that's how they will progress and write even better articles.

The blog is not yet economically profitable. The editors are not paid, but I aspire to make it so. The goal is to be able to live, one day, from Suivre Le Fil. The blog cannot yet afford to make money, the views are not yet high enough. However, we are working every day to make it possible, and to live from our passion.

More than just a blog

In order to reach as many people as possible, Suivre-le-fil is also on social media.

Our Instagram, @suivrelefil allows us to highlight and promote our latest articles. We have also created new "features" such as "the playlists of the month" or "the green hand", a weekly post where we offer advice on sustainability and living a more eco-friendly life.

We want our content to be fresh and unique, be accessible, and informative in a way that speaks to everyone.

There are three of us who run our Instagram page; Julie, Zeineb and Max. It is important for us to build a relationship with our readers and followers, we want them to know they can trust us, and we also want to bring colour into people's every day lives. 

We are a promising young team, and are working hard each day to create the media of tomorrow.

Please support us by subscribing to the blog here and following us on instagram!

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