• Lea Jakobiak

Wake Up & Smell The Blockchain Coffee

Blockchain is the famous technology that's behind cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. But it can also be used beyond finance, it's already making waves in the healthcare industry for example. Zena Media was very happy to get an invite to the huge IOT Tech & Blockchain Expo in London, to meet the gamechangers that are taking blockchain to the next level!

Zena Media's Alex at the IOT Tech Blockchain Expo at Olympia, London

One of the most interesting companies we met were Moyee Coffee, the world's first Blockchain coffee project!

Currently, only 2% of the added value of every cup of coffee ends up in the pockets of coffee producers. Moyee Coffee believes that blockchain has the potential to turn the coffee industry on its head and bring about a revolution in transparency that certification programmes cannot currently offer. 

Since the November 2017, Moyee Coffee has been running a pilot blockchain coffee project in Ethiopia with blockchain pioneers bext360 and the FairChain Foundation, to prove more than ever that coffee is capable of leading the way to a more honest, fairer society.

And we can confirm the coffee tastes amazing too!

Zena Media's Lea with the Moyee Coffee team

We were also impressed with a talk held by the "Ladies of London Hacking Society". They showed us that pre-1980, there were MORE women in I.T than there is today. So, as they explained, the challenge is not about getting women IN to I.T, it's about getting them BACK into I.T. They offer meet-ups and courses on technical cybersecurity for women, as well as job support for any woman who wants to get in to the industry.

We all know that talking about blockchain, technology and I.T can be daunting and hard for many to grasp. Introducing: The cybermaniacs! This company is using muppets to convey what blockchain is all about, and make the whole thing a lot less boring.

We are all for creative ways of communication and think this is a great idea!

Thank you for a fantastic event IOT Tech and Blockchain Expo - see you next year!

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