• Lea Jakobiak

We Meet John Hope Bryant, Philantropist & Entrepreneur

John Hope Bryant & Lea Jakobiak

I mean...only a few achievements...! Advisor to three US Presidents, bestselling Author, member of the Global Agenda Council for the World Economic Forum, founder of non-profit Operation Hope, Inc's Top 10 CEOs 2016, Time Magazine 50 Most Promising Leaders of the Future...John Hope Bryant has the sort of career most dream of having.

And one that comes with recognistion for all the right reasons!

We did a shoot with with John over in the US. Before our interview he spoke on stage and made Twitter go wild. He's the sort of person who instantly inspires people to do the right thing. In fact, meeting him inspired us to set up Zena Media! He shows that it is indeed possible to do good and nail the business side of things at the same time.

And check out how much Operation Hope has done:

It serve adults, youth, disaster survivors, and employees with financial dignity programming and coaching to equip them with the financial knowledge and tools to create a secure future.

  • It has empowered 1.8 million people with financial dignity

  • Helped 4000 schools

  • Given 1 million youth financial literacy

  • Helped over 300 youth businesses to launch

And all this whilst being a profitable business. Thank you for great insights John!

Head to our Youtube channel for the full interview.

For more information about Operation Hope, check out:

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