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We Meet Ruud Feltkamp: Famous Actor Who Is Cracking Crypto

Ruud Feltkamp is well known in Holland for being an Actor, but now he is making waves in the world of crypto & blockchain thanks to his successful and innovative company, Cryptohopper.

Zena Media's Lea Jakobiak with Ruud Feltkamp

It's not the most obvious journey into crypto. Usually people who take the step to start a crypto or blockchain company have a background in tech or finance. But Ruud's story is different; he is first and foremost an Actor, having started acting at the age of 9 in his home country Holland. As he got older, he started trading in the dressing room, and what started as a hobby became a second career. We caught up with him at the Blockchain Expo in London.

How did you move into the crypto space from acting?

I was acting all my life but always a fan of emerging technologies. I remember saying to my colleagues, woah, Bitcoin is already 7 euros, that's way too expensive. I of course wish I would have invested then. Towards the end of 2016, I noticed the big rise. I finally started trading Bitcoin. I started in my dressing room, and my fellow actors were like "rehearse your scenes instead!". I was living with my brother at the time, and one day he came into the living room with a device. He told me he had made a robot that could trade automatically, meaning he didn't spend all of his valuable time trading. So we decided to start a company on this basis. We only ever invested 100 euros in our company. It was worth the switch.

Tell us a bit more about Cryptohopper and what it does

Cryptohopper is a trading software. Trading involves a lot of emotions, so a robot is great. The software we have is connected to your exchange. Exchanges only offer you to buy, sell or set a stop loss, but our trading software is connected to your exchange and then allows you to have way more options when you're trading, such as following other professional traders and buying strategies.

The crypto market is volatile, do you feel people can trust the crypto market right now?

This is a great moment for crypto. Since about a month back, people are stepping back into crypto again. The most damaging thing for cryptos was the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) craze. Not all ICOs are bad, but it means people were just raising coins, but got no stake in the company. A lot of people were not doing their research, raising money through all kinds of ICOs, and many had bad repercutions.

The good news is that now STOs (Securitised Token Offering) have been introduced. Unlike ICOs, they offer a share in a company.

Imagine in the future, you will be able to have a share in a company which is tokenised, and then when you go to the grocery store you can pay for a sandwich from that token. Our society has decided that euros and pounds are worth something but they have no intrinsic value. But thanks to STOs, the tokens will actually have a value.

This movement is enabling the big players into the market, and that's really exciting

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