• Lea Jakobiak

We meet Shaq! Basketball Legend Turned Fintech Investor

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

We got an exclusive invite to meet with Shaquille O'Neal! You may know him already as the basketball legend that he is, but he has recently teamed up with Fintech start-up Steady!

Steady is a new app for workers looking to supplement their income by taking part-time, one-time and temporary jobs.

Steady's mission speaks to Shaq; when he was a child his mother had to work several jobs at the same time in order to keep them afloat!

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most dominant players ever to play in the NBA.

The Steady team invited us to interview them at the annual Money 2020 conference in Las Vegas. Considering they have only been going for about two years it's impressive to see how far they've come!

And it may have a lot to do with their partnership with Shaquille O'Neal. Meeting him felt like a PRETTY BIG DEAL! Not only does he have that incredible presence that only some people are blessed with, but his real-life journey from humble beginnings to one of the biggest stars on this planet is rare and incredibly inspiring.

Now, Shaq thinks it's time to give back, and has chosen the medium of fintech, financial technology, as an enabler to do so.

As someone who has been documenting the rise and rise of fintech over the past years, I think it's fantastic to see that the biggest players in the world are now taking note when it comes to how powerful innovation and technology really can be for the purpose of the greater good!

Shaq facts:

  • In his first match for the Magic, he took 18 rebounds and made a record for the most rebounds in an NBA debut.

  • Shaq was interested to be a police officer during his NBA days, so he trained with the police officers in LA. He was named US Deputy Marshal in May of 2005.

  • Shaq released four albums before winning the NBA title. His debut album was "Shaq Diesel" which sold a million copies.