• Lea Jakobiak

Davos: "Conscious Capitalism & Sustainability" Top Themes

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is one of the most high profile conferences on the planet; it gathers Presidents, CEOs, Royalty & celebrities.

The overarching topic this year (2020) was "conscious capitalism and sustainable solutions".

We were there as part of the CNBC crew, producing content and events for the world's biggest business news broadcaster.

And it was a busy to say the least; we put together seven panels, four editorial dinners, and interviewed a broad range of thought leaders.

One of the panels featured EN+ Chairman Lord Barker, who is campaigning for more emissions transparency in business. We also met Robert Smith, a prominent advocate for inclusion in business, and interviewed Kate Townsend from Qualitas Equity on the importance of impact investment.

THE CNBC Sanctuary is a fantastic venue in Davos that features panels and events

The World Economic Forum aims to "improve the state of the world".

But over the past few years, the famous gathering has started to be criticised for being "too elitist". UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for example, banned his entire team for attending for this reason.

As a result, the event is also often associated with protests, and this year was no different, as you can see below.

But at Zena Media, we are firm believers that being part of the conversation is key, and if you refuse to have a dialogue in the first place, we get nowhere.

For example, this year, WEF provided a platform for both US President Donald Trump, and Environmentalist and Activist Greta Thunberg - who are on the opposite ends of the spectrum politically.

We also attended several Davos events that took place around the World Economic Forum.

One of those was the "Ice Village" hub, where conversations had a particular focus on clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, as well as innovation and infrastructure. The panels primarily looked at how we can play a part in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Another venue was the "CNBC Suite", where all CNBC Editorial events were hosted, featuring celebrity chef Alyn Williams (who was of course serving a sustainable and organic menu).

And the icing on the cake for us part of the CNBC crew, was that we were provided with a very sustainable mode of transport to get around; a horse and kart!

It doesn't get more sustainable than that.

Until next time Davos, and thank you CNBC for getting us involved!

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